One foot in front of another 

It started with a text “Your entry to the VLM2014 has been accepted” If I had entered that would have been great news! Having not entered, recovering from a broken arm, and having run 4 miles since Xmas…..my reaction was to get very cross. 

Then there was a phone call “Boom what the hell have you done?? ….. Using very cross voice ….calmly the response came “I have made your running dream come true” So now it’s going to be very hard to maintain my cross voice as he might just have done exactly that! I may have mentioned several hundred times how much I wanted to run the London Marathon! “There are 93 days to the London Marathon what are we going to do?   Very short pause “train like warriors and raise a shed load of cash” 

A little more screaming followed quickly by a realisation that I was going to get to run the race I had watched and longed to do, had watched in tears as people ran down The Mall, had cheered Paula’s world record until my voice went, had been mesmerised by elites pace and had run up Birdcage Walk at 6am on a cold January morning pretending to be running that last mile on several occasions!

Then their was a book! It arrived in the post with a little note -start on week 3! love “shoe boy” The non Runners Marathon trainer book became my saviour as I set out to complete the 12 weeks to the start line. 

Mr Rs reaction “get a grip! It’s a jog to a ship, run to the bridge, then make it to the tunnel and head towards the clock and then when you get to the monument run like you have never done before”

So with the dream, the book , and simplified race plan I began. After all it’s just one foot in front of another. 


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