My Bike Life

I came to cycling late in life so I am still learning and would love it if you would join me on my bike life journey. By late I mean I could not ride a bike (safely) until I was 37! It has not been an easy journey learning to pedal, clip in, change gear and steer have all been a challenge. Buying kit, the technology (I actually own a power meter!) and learning the lingo have been a challenge. I am so not cool. I am a middle aged Mum of two amazing boys. Thankfully, I have been lucky enough to meet some fabulous (and cool) people who have helped me navigate my bike life.

My Bike life came about through wanting to learn more about the mesmeric sport of cycling. It is a magical mixture of anticipation, pain and reflection. It can be therapy, it can be motivation and on a hill the harshest of mistresses. It is supported by a cast of characters who without which I would not be the bike rider I am today. I cycle in the Peak District, Pennines and Somerset so get to witness some of the most stunning scenery this beautiful country has to offer.

I am really pretty rubbish at taking pictures so rely on the talents of my friends. All pics are credited.

Chapter 1 of my bike life culminated on the 2nd of September when I rode from Manchester to London in one day.

Bring on Chapter 2!