Good Times & Tan Lines

I think John F. Kennedy got it right when he said “Nothing compares to the simple pleasure of riding a bike”

The speed, the power, the sophistication, the panache – all things I love about cycling but possess none of! However, I do think I look OK riding a bike – it may have cost me buckets of cash and meant eating bread and water for most of my meals, but all for a good cause in my opinion (I even think some of my awesome knowledge about cycling style and etiquette has rubbed off onto Susan)

When asked why I cycle my usual response is that I don’t like running and I like food. A lot. But in reality it comes down to the sense of freedom and exploration it gives, the time spent both with my own thoughts in my own world and time spent with great friends. I’m also a technology geek and get rather excited by a well engineered frameset or a well designed rain jacket (there’s only so much excitement derived by a running vest or pair of sneakers). The quest for a challenging hill or super smooth roads drives me to keep pedalling and keep smiling. Support from my wonderful cycling buddy (that’s Susan) and my respect for all her achievements, completed challenges and miles spent in the saddle gets me cycling on even the darkest of nights and coldest of days – for this I owe her more than she’ll ever acknowledge. In return I take some pictures, explain wattage and encourage her to continue when the roads get tough.

So that’s my testimony – cycling has given me happiness and friendship. What more does one man need?